Cyberpunk 2060

Season 1

I wasn’t keeping up with the adventure logs as I should have been so here is an attempt to recap all of the first season. Please feel free to edit this log entry to include any details I may have missed.

The Mission

Ion and Chrome Pirate are hired by Kramer, a local fixer for whom they have worked before, to steal a vial of substance VMX-1037 from a Wuxi Research Pharmaceuticals lab about an hour outside of Seattle.

Gathering Info

They begin investigating Wuxi with Pirate hacking into their systems. Having gained access to HR employee records, it is discovered that several Wuxi employees have turned up dead by exsanguination.

In the Seamstresses’ Union bar, Ion and Pirate overhear a young man speaking about Virusoft. His name is Raimundo Orfield and he is the son of a Virusoft executive. Late in the evening, Raimundo leaves the bar quite drunk. Ion and Pirate follow him and save him from being mugged by members of The Jokers poser gang. The characters escort Raimundo back to the bar and leave him in the care of Emma. Ion give Raimundo an e-cigarette that secretly contains a tracking beacon.

In reviewing the HR records procured from Wuxi servers, they Pirate locates a former employee: Aruna Hummel. Aruna is currently living in the Executive Eternal Sleeping Inn, a coffin hotel.

Pirate and Ion pay a visit to the Executive Eternal Sleeping Inn hoping to get more information about the lab from Aruna. At the coffin sleeper, they meet Chang-Lin Tien, the owner/operator. He is being harassed by several members of The Jokers looking for protection money. A brief gun fight ensues ending with The Jokers being killed. Chang-Lin tells Ion where to find Aruna.

Aruna is in a vacant tenement known as a drug den. The characters find him plugged into a Better-Than-Life machine. He is weak and malnourished. Ion and Pirate unplug him and take him with them back to the Seamstresses’ Union. While he recuperates, Aruna describes the maintenance work he did at the Wuxi lab and how his wife was found murdered (by exsanguination). He also describes how he witnessed the escape of a test subject from the lab. When Ion asks Aruna to describe the test subject, he describes Emma.

From Below

Using the e-cigarette/tracking beacon, Pirate and Ion locate Raimundo in the industrial warehousing district. Driving out to the location in Ion’s box truck, they pass a coroner’s van heading back into the city. The warehouse is a crime scene. Pacific Free State police officers have locked down a warehouse.

Detective Benjamin Connors approaches the characters and asks what they are doing the the area. The characters explain that they were checking up on their friend Raimundo, who was in the area with a woman (Emma) last night and they fear he may have been assaulted by her. Detective Connors tells them that their friend is dead and his body is on the way to the morgue. He gets the character’s contact information (the characters provide “burner” contact info and aliases) and departs. Pirate and Ion retreat from the scene and wait for the police to leave.

Once the area is clear, the characters hide the box truck in a nearby warehouse and approach the scene of the crime. They find the tracking beacon behind old rotten crates in a rundown and filthy office. A small pool of blood has stained the middle of the floor. Pirate searches the debris scattered floor and finds a manhole in one corner of the office.

The characters hear an AV land in front of the warehouse and they quickly make their way into a second floor office to hide while observing the new arrivals. A two-man Virusoft security team casually walks through the abandoned warehouse and into the office where the murder occurred. They seem to be upset with having to checkup on the young man, Raimundo. One mentions to the other that they had to come since Mr. Ramsey had ordered them to do so. The security team leaves without further comment.

As the AV leaves the premises, Pirate and Ion decide to collect a blood sample from the murder scene before leaving. As they descend the stairs and approach the office, they hear the manhole cover being moved. The warehouse is darkening as the sun is setting and the characters are having difficulty seeing into the room so they activate their low light cybereye enhancements.

The characters see a hunched, ill looking person emerging from the open manhole. The person has thin stringy hair and taut sallow skin. It crawls across the floor to the dried pool of blood. Ion shoots it with his Colt AMT 2000. The shot blows the things right arm off. It lets out a hideous, animal-like scream as it claws at the ground attempting to get back through the manhole. As Pirate and Ion run for the exit, Ion sees similar looking beings emerging from the open hole. They shriek and bare pointed fangs at the fleeing characters.

Pirate sees someone shrouded in darkness observing their retreat from the warehouse. As they make their way back to the box truck the characters are shadowed along the rooftops for the warehouses. They reach the location of their vehicle and Pirate is tackled by a fanged fellow and bitten on the shoulder. Ion attempts to wrestle the thing off of Pirate but its movements are too frantic for him to get a hold. Pirate puts two slugs into the freak’s chest and it leaps off her. They jump into the truck, crash through the warehouse loading door and flee back to the city.

Back at the Seamstresses’ Union, Pirate gets patched up by medtech Kai. Kai also takes a blood sample from Pirate to analyze for infectious diseases. Pirate accesses the corners’ office network to access the report on Raimundo’s body. The report states cause of death as exsanguination. As she views the document, as communication channel into the coroner’s office opens up. Shortly after the call is connected, the coroner’s report is deleted from the system. Pirate attempts to trace to call but is unsuccessful.

Ion receives a call from Detective Connors and meets him at a local dinner while Pirate listens remotely from the box truck. The detective expresses his frustrations with law enforcement in general and how an order came in from “upstairs” to close the Raimundo Orfield case as a drug overdose. Ion warns Connors about the people living in the sewers with cyber-fangs. They agree to share information.

Do Your Job

Kramer, contacts Ion and Pirate and tells them the client feels they have lost focus on the Wuxia job. The task most be accomplished within the week.

Ion and Pirate work quickly to procure cleaning crew uniforms, C4 for remote detonated bombs, tear gas and a few sawed-off over-under shotguns for Ion’s homemade stun slugs. Pirate uses the backdoor she created to access the Wuxi HR computer system to insert maintenance crew profiles for themselves.

Waiting at a local transit point, Ion and Pirate are picked up by a Ravenwood security team and, along with other local maintenance workers, are delivered to the Wuxia facility. Once inside, masquerading as a cleaning crew, Pirate jacks in and disable security systems around the facility’s laboratories.

While searching the third lab, they are interrupted by an upset scientist that had witnessed the two apparent maintenance workers looking through the chemical cabinets. After a brief arguments, the scientist moves to contact security. Pirate hits him with an auto-injector and renders him unconscious.

The characters move to the fourth lab and locate their target, VMX-1037. They also grab a datapad containing notes and documentation concerning substance tests. In a small connecting room, the characters find a woman strapped to an examination table. She begs them to help her, but Ion and Pirate fear she may be a vampire/chud. They dump the unconscious scientist in the exam room and proceed to leave the facility.

Their exfiltration is uneventful and the are soon back at the Seamstresses Union to deliver the VMX-1037 to Kramer.


Hannibal’s team…

Who’s the Boss

Meet the boss…

Getting the Band Back Together

Assault on the Lab



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